PBM is introducing a true revolution: the first universal AR-Quick Release and Mount suppressor platform for any weapon bearing an M2 "Birdcage" flash hider. The new line of Stainless Steel tubes with Titanium Grade 5 and Ergal 7075 cores are going to set a new standard for silenced operations in the battlefield. The specific design of the new line of BWS-1 suppressors also acts as a very effective muzzle brake, enhancing dramatically the accuracy of any AR when engaging in rapid, aimed semiautomatic fire. The forward part of all BWS-1 line of suppressors is assembled and disassembled by hand, for ease of inspection and periodical cleaning, while no tool or flash hide substitution is required for fast latch and take down of the suppressor from the weapon. Typical one-hand mount and detach of the suppressor on any AR type of rifle does not exceed 5 seconds for each operation.

S 02054
S 02065