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PBM Ammunition was born with the precise focus to innovate metallic centerfire ammunition through design, battlefield knowledge and research in the ballistic laboratory. From the premium quality of the machinery implemented in the production lines, to relentless raw material checks, climate controlled handling and loading of components - everything about PBM is under the flag of precision, quality and knowledge.

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Designing bullets, especially supersonic bullets for rifles, is very much the same endeavor as designing a military jet. When we deal with tri-sonic objects cutting the air at sea level, design is critical to obtain the desired performance, especially at extreme ranges. PBM has engaged in bullet design research, chiefly expanding the monolithic bullet manufacturing technology, but not only. Our current and future range of .50 Caliber bullets is an example of how still today not everything has been said in this fascinating field.

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All current and leading suppressor manufacturers have been chasing the universal quick latching system to make suppressed operations with AR type of rifles a matter of seconds, but no one has yet mastered this technology. PBM has finally filed a Patent for the very first, AR-Universal mounting system for proprietary silencers, fitting all .223 and .308 Calibers weapons, both for semiauto and full auto functions. The PBM-1 line of suppressors will now re-address the global market.

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Tactical Blades

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No soldier or police operator can be in battle or on patrol with only a firearm: a properly designed blade is actually the item more often summoned to daily action by men of duty. PBM has developed, with the best makers of blades globally available, a line of Tactical Blades offering utmost steel quality and performance, in a range spanning from fixed attack knives, to utility fixed blades, to folding pocket powerful units.

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